Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Anniversary

It had been a year since we first met... I never thought that meeting would pave for a year of happy moments for us. But it did and now we are still together... though there are times that we have disagreements, we still held on to each other.

We may not be a perfect couple but still we are happy and we are together. I can only pray that in the coming years, we would be more mature in handling our relationship and we would be able to give each other support in every way we can.

I love you! Happy Anniversary...


mhel said...

happy anniversary to you and khing pops. i am very happy that you are happy and i am hoping it would last. just always pray and who knows, maybe God would see how you two are wonderful for each other and he would allow you to stay together forever. love you!

Rizza said...

thanks pops... sorry for the late reply. I've been out for a few days attending a seminar.