Thursday, December 3, 2009

Come and Join the "You Gotta See This" Video Contest!

Do you want to have fun and earn money as well? Then come and join the "You Gotta See This" Video Contest sponsored by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO).

Abbott Medical Optics Inc. is the global leader in laser vision correction. A lot of people were already benefited by the laser vision correction being conducted by the Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

Perfect vision has always been an important factor in our daily live. We use our eyes to read, to see our environment, to see our loved ones and everything around us including ourselves. Many people with eye deficiencies are very thankful that there is now this laser vision correction that can restore your eye sight to its normal condition.

So, if you are one of them come and join this wonderful video contest. You may submit an original video showing whatever you do best or the things that you have fun doing.

The Prizes at stake are as follows:
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Second Prize (one in each video category):
The Flip UltraHD™ camcorder — a $199.99 value

Here's how to join:

1. Submit A Video
Users make and submit a video in one of the following categories:
• “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
• “My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision”
• “You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure”

2. Tell Friends To Vote
Once users submit a video, their friends can vote on it. And votes are one of the key factors in determining which videos win a prize.

3. Have A Chance To Win
• One Grand Prize winner will win $5,000 — selected from all submitted videos
• Three First Prize winners will win an HDTV package(a $2,500 value) — one per video category
• Three Second Prize winners will win the Flip UltraHD camcorder (a $199.99 value) — one per video category

All entries must be submitted to this site:

iLASIK Video Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movie Watching: Terminator Salvation

Me and my friends watched "Terminator Salvation" after work last Friday at the Blue Wave Marquinton Mall here in Marikina City.

The movie was full of action, the scenes were great but I didn't quite like the story itself or maybe I'm just tired of the Terminator saga and never thought another one would come out at this time or maybe it was because I wasn't feeling very good that time that I misjudged the movie.

I may not like the entire movie, but the actors are really good. I like Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright)very much. He has portrayed the role well, in fairness to him. I also like the actor who portrayed John Connor too, but only next to Sam.

But the fact that I have my friends with me that time, watching a not-so-good movie with me when I could have been alone and lonely at home, still made the activity worth it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's fun being Single too!

It was Thursday last week, when my friend, who can be very impulsive at times, asked me to come with him to meet another friend from Surigao. We have not seen him in person yet, so we traveled all the way from Marikina to the Mall of Asia (MOA) to take the opportunity to meet him. Although, for a very good reason, he wasn't able to make it and we did not get to meet him in person.

Anyway, we took the LRT going to Recto and from there took a jeepney going to Buendia and then a shuttle going to the Mall of Asia. It was quite a long route but we enjoyed talking non-stop inside the jeepney. We talk about life, relationships, fun times and even heartaches.

We finally reached MOA a few minutes before 9:00 PM. We were already starving so what we first did was find a place to eat. There are so many restaurants to choose from but we both decided to eat in a restaurant named "Bangus" (milk fish). It was our first time to eat there. We ordered Aligi (crab paste) Rice, Fried Bangus belly with sweet Sampalok (tamarind) Candy Sauce with Crispy Kangkong and Buko Shake. We definitely enjoyed the food since we both love bangus belly.

After being so full, we had to walk a bit inside the mall to look for some change of clothes since we decided not to go home that night anymore. We both bought two shirts and shorts, after a few minutes of choosing from the racks.

When the mall was about to close, we decided to stay at the bay side. We sat there and once again talked about anything and everything under the sun or the moonlight would be more appropriate. We don't always agree with everything but we respect each others opinion. We stayed there talking until 12 midnight when the guard told us that we have to leave the place already.

We don't know where we will go but we decided to take the bus going to Cubao. It was about 1 or 2 AM when we get there. We don't know where to stay so we decided to just stay in my house since we will have to go to work the following day. We took a cab and got there before 3AM.

It was so much fun. Doing simple things, not having anyone to worry about someone, not needing to ask anybody's permission to go to places. I never realized till then that sometimes, it's fun being single too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A year in Marikina Valley Community Forum

How time flies! I didn't notice that I was already a member of the Marikina Valley Community Forum for a year now.

It was my friend Mhel who invited me to join this group. The site was up for only a few months before I was eventually able to register. I can no longer recall how many members were already there when I registered but I was glad that I did since everyone warmly welcomed me to the site. But it was only on June 13, 2008 when I first joined them in an "EB". I met JC, Vinzer, Elbert, Angelo, Randy and Jabey. Dennis, who works in the same institution as mine, was also there.

We met outside the Bluewave Marquinton Mall and from there, we proceeded to Yellow Cab and had pizza and pasta. They are all young, lively people who are photography enthusiasts and computer geeks. I enjoyed being with them even if it was only the first time I met them. I had fun listening to them, joking with them and just talking and eating with them.

It was not the first time that we went out together. It was followed by a lot more gatherings, dine outs, photo shoots, parties and road trips. I always have fun being with them. I gained new friends because of this forum and I thank JC for that.

Thanks to Jabey for the photos.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our angel has turned 1

A year ago, another blessing was given to our family; My sister gave birth to her first baby, a little angel she named "Arwen Beatrice". She was 5.17 pounds and was so small then.

And last Sunday, May 17, she turned a year old. We had her party at home. A lot of children from the neighborhood joined the fun. There were three (3) clowns who entertained the children, led the games and played some magic tricks. All the visitors were thrilled.

There was also a big blue cake with Little Mermaid design. The children had plenty to eat; they had spaghetti, chicken, waffles and the chocolate coated wafer sticks which even the adults liked. They also had ice cream in Macapuno, Cookies and Cream and Cheese flavors.

It was so much fun despite the rain. The party started at 3:00 PM and went on until 6:00 PM. We were all so tired but thankful that our friends and relatives have come to join us in celebrating Arwen Beatrice's 1st Birthday Party.

To all our neighbors, friends and relatives who were there... Thank you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bob Ong's Kapitan Sino is now available!

It was early this year when I first heard that Bob Ong is about to release his 7th book in May. Since then, me and my friends were all waiting excitedly for this book.

We were even quite disappointed when the first week of May passed and it was still not out in the bookstores. It was only on Monday (May 11) when I called Visprint Publishing that I found out that "Kapitan Sino" will be available in Pandayan Bookstores by May 13. I immediately called Pandayan Bookstore on Wednesday morning to verify if there are available stocks of Bob Ong's book already. I was so excited when the sales lady said that the book was already available but they only got a few stocks.

I had to make a reservation and promised to pick it up the following day. Luckily, I had the chance to go to the Pandayan Bookstore branch in Cainta, Rizal and finally got myself a copy.

After the success of Bob Ong's books: ABNAKKBSNPLAKo, Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino, Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas, Alamat ng Gubat, Mc Arthur, and Stainless Longganisa,Kapitan Sino is finally out in some bookstores. You can buy it for only P175.00.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A night out in Metrowalk Ortigas

It was my friend's birthday last May 3 and we (Hanzel, Steve, Oyo Boy, Me and the birthday girl Atty. Princess)celebrated it by having lots of fun in Metrowalk, Ortigas.

We started the whole night of fun by having dinner in Oyster Boy. We ordered Beef Kaldereta, Baked Oysters, Kangkong, and Adobong Pusit. The latter being Hanzel's favorite. I liked the oysters very much... I actually had four big oysters. I think I ate most of it.

After being full to almost the brink, we looked for a good place to have a few drinks while playing billiards. We found the "Elbow Room" on the second floor of the Metrowalk. It is a nice place, with a singer to serenade those who are not busy playing. We actually had two buckets of beer and played billiards for two hours. I don't really know how to play billiards but I enjoyed trying to hit the ball and make it go to the nearest hole possible. We stayed there until 1AM, just playing, drinking, talking and having fun.

To end the night out, we had coffee in the nearest "Starbucks" that we found on the ground floor of the Metrowalk. I had a cup of hot coffee while they all enjoyed their frapuccino.

We were still a little bit drunk, tired and sleepy when we decided to go home. I actually slept while on the way home, that's the good thing about not having to drive.

Fun has ended and by 3:30 AM, I was safely brought home by my friends.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I usually stay for an hour or less in the office after my work hours have ended but yesterday, I was so engrossed at what I was reading that I did not notice that it was already 7:00 PM. I have stayed in the office for two hours after my work. It was then that I decided to turn off my pc, tidy up a bit, turn off the lights and call it a day.

It was also at that moment, as I reached the end of the hallway that I noticed the doors are actually locked. I am inside the office building, on the 2nd floor, all alone and I’m trapped! I started to panic… but then I had to think of something.

I remember my friend, Dennis, is still in the other building since I said goodbye to him over the YM before I turned my computer off. I hurriedly opened my office again, looked for the phonebook and there I found Dennis’ office number and dialed. It seemed to me that the ringing of the phone has taken an hour before it was picked up. I panicked again and thought he just left but there it was… the sound of his voice on the other end of the line and I was relieved.

I told him to come over to my building and tell the guard downstairs that I was locked up in the 2nd floor but I guess I really wasn’t thinking well that time because he thought of a more sensible way. He asked the guard assigned in his building to radio the guard assigned in mine and tell them I was trapped.

It was another long wait… which I think took only seven (7) minutes as I recall now. I had to turn on all the lights in my office and in the hallway. I don’t feel good being locked up, I almost felt like I was suffocating so I had to calm myself down. It wouldn’t look good if the guard arrives and see me passed out in the office anyway, so I had to be brave.

The guard on duty finally arrived, saw me inside, opened the locked doors and apologized profusely for his mistake.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bloggers' Friday Night Out at Source Bar

Last Friday, I had the chance to attend a bloggers' party at the Source Bar in Ortigas, Pasig City with two of my friends. It was a bloggers' party and at the same time the launching of the all new Playboy Magazine.

I was surprised at how different the bloggers looked that night in comparison to the bloggers' wifi testing recently held in SM Marikina. Everyone is garbed with their night outfit and looks ready to party.

We got there by 8PM and a few people were already there. A few minutes have passed and the bar was almost full with nice looking people. Everyone seems happy to be there, including me.

Playboy mags were handed out to the early birds and later that night, prizes were given away to lucky game winners. We left even before the party was over so I never had the chance to see who the sexiest male and female bloggers were that night.

It was a fun-filled evening and I was glad that I was a part of it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A weekend with my friends

I was up early last Saturday, though I had a hard time sleeping again that Friday night. I'm getting used to sleeping only a few hours at night nowadays. Anyway, I was up early to do my usual chores that goes with living alone... my laundry, watering my plants, feeding my fish, tidying up the garage, doing the dishes, cleaning the house and a lot more.

I started early because I am expecting my friends to be coming before lunch time. True to their words, Jabey and Dennis came at around 11:00 am while Jil and Elbert came a few minutes after them. I already finished cooking pork adobo (which was requested by Dennis) by the time they arrived. I prefer to eat hot rice so I had to start cooking it when they arrived. It wasn't lunch time yet anyway. I also steamed the rest of the siomai left in the fridge.

We had lunch by 12:00 noon with the usual bantering as to who will prepare the iced tea and who will prepare the table, etc. I enjoy hearing and seeing them like that. We're always like a big family and I am always happy having them to join me at home.

After lunch, we watched the Slumdog Millionaire. And then another friend (Rodel) joined us after an hour or two. We then had "halo-halo" since the weather is getting hot already. We bought it from my neighbor... the house right beside mine. I also cooked potato balls, which Jil liked.

We then watched another dvd, the comedy concert of Pooh and Pokwang, which we already watched two weeks before but still made us laugh the second time.

The day ended so soon... it was already 6:00 PM and they had to leave so that they won't have a hard time waiting for a jeepney to bring them home. I was again left on my own... missing them. But it was a happy time and I appreciate my friends' effort so much.

(Pictures will be posted soon)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

I had a chance to join my friends from Marikina Valley Community Portal, Dennis, Jil, Elbert, Randy and JC, in watching the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Airfield last Saturday, February 14, 2009. Despite not feeling well, I didn't miss the opportunity to watch it for the first time.

We left Marikina before 3:00 AM, all a bit sleepy since we only had a few hours of sleep but I think we were all excited to be there. It was so dark outside and very cloudy; we were comfortably driving along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) where only a few vehicles can be seen at that time.

We decided to take the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway(SCTEX) going to Clark but we inadvertently missed the turn and ended up driving a lot longer than we should have. We also had to take a U-Turn and drive back all the way to the supposed turn going to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA).

We reached DMIA just a few minutes before the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta formally opens. I was impressed with the conduct of the National Anthem where they had the Philippine Flag flying in the sky being held by three (3) paragliders.

After the National Anthem, I have watched the colorful hot air balloons being inflated and released slowly in the air. There's even an elephant-shaped balloon, a coke bottle and a coffee mug. It was a fascinating sight. We also got to watch the awesome plane flying exhibition.

Thanks to Jabey and Randy for the pictures!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrating my bestfriend's birthday in Baguio City

I was back in the City of Pines the other week. My friends and I left for Baguio City on the early morning of January 30 (Friday). It's my bestfriend's birthday and we decided to celebrate it with a trip. We brought a car going there instead of taking the public transport. Thanks to my bestfriend's husband who patiently drove us to and from Baguio City.

It was a pleasant drive, though I was asleep almost the whole time since I was not able to sleep for the past nights. We passed through the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX)which is the shortest and fastest route possible. We likewise took the Kennon Road instead of the Marcos Highway. We reached Baguio City after almost four (4) hours of driving.

We were so excited to be there and we immediately had our pictures taken by the Lion's Club Monument along Kennon Road. The next thing we did was to drive around looking for a place to eat. Since I was there last December, I suggested that we eat in Good Taste Restaurant where I had dinner with my other friends before. Unfortunately, I didn't remember where it is located so we had to drive around, ask for directions before we found it. Our time wasn't wasted, we found the restaurant and had so much fun eating.

After lunch, we decided to find a place to stay and rest for a while. We stayed in Dauz Pension House which is very near SM Baguio and the other places of interest. It's a simple pension house which is large enough for the five of us. I finally slept for a few hours and woke up refreshed. We went out after the wonderful rest and walked around Session Road.

We had dinner in the pension house since we still have a lot of food left from our lunch. It was so much fun simply eating inside our room, having fun among ourselves. I realize that simple things can be so much fun when you do it with people who matters to you.

The following day, we were out of the pension house by 7:30 AM since we were going to buy some vegetables and other stuff that we need to bring home. When we were there, I found a coffee bean store and had so much fun choosing from among the different varieties of coffee beans. I ended up buying Arabica and Mocha coffee beans although what I really wanted was to buy the Alamid or Civet Coffee. I also bought potato balls which I really don't know how to cook but I wanted to experiment so I bought it.

After that, we had our breakfast in Zola Restaurant. I loved the free flowing coffee and the meal which includes bacons, egg, fried rice and a sausage. It was a good way to end our stay in Baguio City.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Incoherent Thoughts

Last night, I cried myself to sleep again as I did the night before
This morning, despite a bad night, I had renewed spirits...
I decided I should go to work rather than stay at home and think
since there is no other subject that my brain can process except you.

I had to go out, be with people, try to make myself busy, but I still can't...
You keep on hurting me... intentional or not, but you still do.
I guess I should stop caring, I should stop loving you...
I should stop doing things for you... things that you don't even appreciate.

I can't take anymore of the rejection, I've had so much pain in my heart
I have never regretted loving you because you made me happy then
I have never regretted the things that I did for you
because I was happy doing them for you.

I thought I was helping you out and making you happy
Maybe I thought wrong because you left me
I don't know what life has in store for me now and for the future
I just hope that whatever it is, it would show itself soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first visit to Mall of Asia

My friends, Jabey and Dennis invited me to join them in going to the Mall of Asia (MOA) yesterday. We decided to push through with it eventhough we're only three. Our other friends, Jil and Elbert have other plans in another mall. Although later in the afternoon, they surprised us by joining us in MOA.

We left Marikina at around 10:00 AM (thanks to Dennis for being an hour late). We were actually supposed to leave by 9:00 AM. We took a jeepney going to the LRT 2 station in Katipunan and from there we went down in Araneta Center Cubao to take the MRT going to Taft Avenue. From Taft Avenue, we took a shuttle service going to MOA. It was quite a series of rides but since it was Sunday, we were comfortable inside the LRT and the MRT.

We were in MOA by 11:30 AM and the first thing we did was to argue (it was actually a friendly argument) on where we will have our lunch. I want to eat sashimi but well the special child (it's a joke... he's normal), Dennis wants to have chicken. I won't be surprised if one day he'll get wings of his own and probably some feathers. So we agreed to eat in Max's Restaurant. It was full packed but we were lucky to be seated immediately. I had chicken, rolls with butter, pancit canton and iced tea, same with Jabey but he had rice instead of rolls. Dennis had a huge half chicken, soup, 2 orders of rice, iced tea and ice cream for dessert. Whoa!!! what an appetite!!! I really got sick of watching him finish the chicken.

After the really sumptuous lunch, they toured me inside the mall. They kept on kidding me since it was my first time to be there. We went hopping from one store to another looking for something to buy. In the end, it was only Dennis who bought a shirt. Though I really had a good time with them. Jil and Elbert joined us at around 2:00 PM.

After the tiring window shopping, we decided to have coffee in "Kopi Roti". I haven't tried their coffee but I have tried the "Kopi Bun" which is really delicious but it's quite sweet for those who are watching their sugar. We tried the soft boiled eggs with soy sauce and a pinch of black pepper and their "Kaya Toast", the "French Toast" and the "Peanut butter Toast". I really enjoyed the peanut butter toast. The others are just okay. I like my own french toast recipe hehe.

All in all, It was a fun-filled experience, especially since I was with my friends. We really had a great time with each other and we were already planning on our next visit to MOA.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you!

How time flies! It's already the 7th day of the new year... 2009. The past year has left a lot of memories in me. Some are good and some are bad. But despite being bad, they are still a part of the past year, a part of the story of my life.

The last quarter of my life had been very colorful for me. It made me happy, made me confused, and eventually before Christmas, broke my heart. I have no regrets, I've been happy for sometime... I guess the tears I'm shedding until now is still worth the happiness that I have experienced.

So, for now, I want to thank the people who became a part of my life...

First, my Ate Weng for always being there, listening to my sobs, trying to console me, supporting me in any way possible. Thank you!

Second, my bestfriend Mhel... thank you for understanding my decisions especially when I know it is not what she wanted for me, still she stayed beside me. Thank you for worrying so much about me, for hearing me out, for always being my shoulder to cry on.

Third, my Marikina Valley friends... Jil, Elbert, Randy, Tita Veron, Tita Babie, Dennis and the rest of the guys... thank you for keeping me company when I need to get drunk and pour out my heart aches. Thank you for listening to me, for giving me advices and for joining me in a simple lunch or dinner. You, guys kept me company most of the time and you never judged me.

And lastly, to you... the person I still love but broke my heart... thank you. "Falling in love with you was easy, but losing you was hard... and up until now you're still the one in my heart." Time can only tell when I can totally forget the feeling I have for you. I just wish you'll be happy because I have shed so much tears just to give you what you want... your freedom. Let's remain friends, just like the old days.

To all of you... thank you so much! May we all have a happy and blessed year ahead.

Photo Courtesy of Engr. Elbert M. Malonzo, RHCT