Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you!

How time flies! It's already the 7th day of the new year... 2009. The past year has left a lot of memories in me. Some are good and some are bad. But despite being bad, they are still a part of the past year, a part of the story of my life.

The last quarter of my life had been very colorful for me. It made me happy, made me confused, and eventually before Christmas, broke my heart. I have no regrets, I've been happy for sometime... I guess the tears I'm shedding until now is still worth the happiness that I have experienced.

So, for now, I want to thank the people who became a part of my life...

First, my Ate Weng for always being there, listening to my sobs, trying to console me, supporting me in any way possible. Thank you!

Second, my bestfriend Mhel... thank you for understanding my decisions especially when I know it is not what she wanted for me, still she stayed beside me. Thank you for worrying so much about me, for hearing me out, for always being my shoulder to cry on.

Third, my Marikina Valley friends... Jil, Elbert, Randy, Tita Veron, Tita Babie, Dennis and the rest of the guys... thank you for keeping me company when I need to get drunk and pour out my heart aches. Thank you for listening to me, for giving me advices and for joining me in a simple lunch or dinner. You, guys kept me company most of the time and you never judged me.

And lastly, to you... the person I still love but broke my heart... thank you. "Falling in love with you was easy, but losing you was hard... and up until now you're still the one in my heart." Time can only tell when I can totally forget the feeling I have for you. I just wish you'll be happy because I have shed so much tears just to give you what you want... your freedom. Let's remain friends, just like the old days.

To all of you... thank you so much! May we all have a happy and blessed year ahead.

Photo Courtesy of Engr. Elbert M. Malonzo, RHCT