Monday, March 9, 2009

A weekend with my friends

I was up early last Saturday, though I had a hard time sleeping again that Friday night. I'm getting used to sleeping only a few hours at night nowadays. Anyway, I was up early to do my usual chores that goes with living alone... my laundry, watering my plants, feeding my fish, tidying up the garage, doing the dishes, cleaning the house and a lot more.

I started early because I am expecting my friends to be coming before lunch time. True to their words, Jabey and Dennis came at around 11:00 am while Jil and Elbert came a few minutes after them. I already finished cooking pork adobo (which was requested by Dennis) by the time they arrived. I prefer to eat hot rice so I had to start cooking it when they arrived. It wasn't lunch time yet anyway. I also steamed the rest of the siomai left in the fridge.

We had lunch by 12:00 noon with the usual bantering as to who will prepare the iced tea and who will prepare the table, etc. I enjoy hearing and seeing them like that. We're always like a big family and I am always happy having them to join me at home.

After lunch, we watched the Slumdog Millionaire. And then another friend (Rodel) joined us after an hour or two. We then had "halo-halo" since the weather is getting hot already. We bought it from my neighbor... the house right beside mine. I also cooked potato balls, which Jil liked.

We then watched another dvd, the comedy concert of Pooh and Pokwang, which we already watched two weeks before but still made us laugh the second time.

The day ended so soon... it was already 6:00 PM and they had to leave so that they won't have a hard time waiting for a jeepney to bring them home. I was again left on my own... missing them. But it was a happy time and I appreciate my friends' effort so much.

(Pictures will be posted soon)


Buddy Migs said...


sounds fun!

Rizza said...

sayang, migs nung matuloy sila sa bahay nasa davao ka na.

Buddy Migs said...

No.. i was still in manila.. pero i was somewhere else.. hehehehe