Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's fun being Single too!

It was Thursday last week, when my friend, who can be very impulsive at times, asked me to come with him to meet another friend from Surigao. We have not seen him in person yet, so we traveled all the way from Marikina to the Mall of Asia (MOA) to take the opportunity to meet him. Although, for a very good reason, he wasn't able to make it and we did not get to meet him in person.

Anyway, we took the LRT going to Recto and from there took a jeepney going to Buendia and then a shuttle going to the Mall of Asia. It was quite a long route but we enjoyed talking non-stop inside the jeepney. We talk about life, relationships, fun times and even heartaches.

We finally reached MOA a few minutes before 9:00 PM. We were already starving so what we first did was find a place to eat. There are so many restaurants to choose from but we both decided to eat in a restaurant named "Bangus" (milk fish). It was our first time to eat there. We ordered Aligi (crab paste) Rice, Fried Bangus belly with sweet Sampalok (tamarind) Candy Sauce with Crispy Kangkong and Buko Shake. We definitely enjoyed the food since we both love bangus belly.

After being so full, we had to walk a bit inside the mall to look for some change of clothes since we decided not to go home that night anymore. We both bought two shirts and shorts, after a few minutes of choosing from the racks.

When the mall was about to close, we decided to stay at the bay side. We sat there and once again talked about anything and everything under the sun or the moonlight would be more appropriate. We don't always agree with everything but we respect each others opinion. We stayed there talking until 12 midnight when the guard told us that we have to leave the place already.

We don't know where we will go but we decided to take the bus going to Cubao. It was about 1 or 2 AM when we get there. We don't know where to stay so we decided to just stay in my house since we will have to go to work the following day. We took a cab and got there before 3AM.

It was so much fun. Doing simple things, not having anyone to worry about someone, not needing to ask anybody's permission to go to places. I never realized till then that sometimes, it's fun being single too.


Russ said...

Yes single life can be fun. No one tells you what to do and etc. If you are recently single make sure you spend a lot of single time before going into a serious relationship.
I am married and really enjoy being married. But remember not to fall into anything because you are lonely. Have fun with your friends.
And let things happen.
Thanks for visiting Senior Minds

Rizza said...

thank you for this nice advice, Russ... I'm trying to enjoy being with my friends at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It is really really fun! imagine you get to consume all that food by youself. (ok, sorry that's greedy on my part) hehehe :D