Thursday, May 21, 2009

A year in Marikina Valley Community Forum

How time flies! I didn't notice that I was already a member of the Marikina Valley Community Forum for a year now.

It was my friend Mhel who invited me to join this group. The site was up for only a few months before I was eventually able to register. I can no longer recall how many members were already there when I registered but I was glad that I did since everyone warmly welcomed me to the site. But it was only on June 13, 2008 when I first joined them in an "EB". I met JC, Vinzer, Elbert, Angelo, Randy and Jabey. Dennis, who works in the same institution as mine, was also there.

We met outside the Bluewave Marquinton Mall and from there, we proceeded to Yellow Cab and had pizza and pasta. They are all young, lively people who are photography enthusiasts and computer geeks. I enjoyed being with them even if it was only the first time I met them. I had fun listening to them, joking with them and just talking and eating with them.

It was not the first time that we went out together. It was followed by a lot more gatherings, dine outs, photo shoots, parties and road trips. I always have fun being with them. I gained new friends because of this forum and I thank JC for that.

Thanks to Jabey for the photos.

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