Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The benefits of being a PPP postie!

I had been blogging for more than two months now through the prodding of my friend. Just recently, she also encouraged me to join PayPerPost, one the widely known paid posting sites.

I immediately signed up and waited for the approval of my blog. The day after I signed up, I immediately got a reply from them and told me that my blog lack some requirements that I first need to fix before I can re-submit it for approval. And when updated my blog to meet the requirements, the approval came on the same day that I re-submitted my blog. The response was so immediate and I really felt happy about it.

A lot of opportunities are open for me to write about things that I love, things I enjoy and topics I'm most familiar with and I'm so eager to start posting it in my blog. However, as a postie I also have a responsibility to adhere to the rules provided by PPP such as the word of mouth ethics.

So, far everything had been enjoyable for me and I'm glad that the other members are very friendly and very helpful and take time to guide a newbie like me.

This would really be a great time to enjoy posting and getting financial benefits as well. What I’m planning to do is to raise enough funds to open another blog that would be in my own domain.

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