Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My "Peaceful" weekend

Last Friday, I went home experiencing just a little rain shower. The wind was cold and it was really a good time to sleep. I actually had a peaceful sleep that night.

The following day, I wasn't really planning on going out since I intend to tidy up the house a bit and do my chores but I had overslept. Not because I didn't sleep well, but because it was raining and I felt so lazy. So, I curled up in bed, embraced my pillow and covered myself with a heavy blanket. I slept till about 10 o'clock in the morning and told myself, I'll just do my chores tomorrow when the rain stops.

Sunday came... I was told via text by someone overseas that he watched TFC and heard that there was a storm in the Philippines. I even got a text from a friend at 5:30 in the morning that the power went out in their place already and was asking me if we still have it in my place. Oh, my God! I never thought the rain would end up to be a storm and to top it up, the power went down. My cell phone is running out of battery and I'll be out of touch in a few hours.

But well... I cannot do anything about it anymore. So I just stayed in bed with my book and started reading and when I got hungry, I got up and cooked a sumptuous breakfast for myself. I remember having pancit canton, siomai, bread and coffee. I really treated myself to such a big breakfast since I have nothing else to do and I think the weather made me put up an appetite.

After breakfast, I went back to bed with my book in tow. The wind was really blowing so hard and I got a little frigtened and there was a lot of rain really. I can't even look out from my window because I'll surely get wet with all that rain and wind.

The night came, I had dinner with candle light. It should have been romantic if I were not alone but I'm not that lucky.

I got bored sometime during the day since there really wasn't anything much to do but I survived, nothing bad happened except for the car cover being torn almost in half by the gusty wind.

The power went back the following day (Monday) and so I ended up having a very long weekend. I wasn't able to go to work since my uniforms are still in the laundry hamper, thanks to my being lazy. But then everything went well... it was still a very peaceful weekend for me.

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