Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everyone... meet my Dad!

My childhood was simple... I grew up in a small, wooden house with a big lawn and a lot of trees. Although the place was not ours, we stayed there for a very long time. I grew up with loving parents and three sisters. I'm the youngest and according to many... the most loved and pampered.

My father was a carpenter, a very simple man who was not given the chance of an education since he belongs to a big, poor family. But I can still recall that despite not having studied, my father can work out my math assignments easily. I just have to read it to him and he can easily solve it for me. I believe that if he was only given a chance, he could have been a very successful man.

My father did not pamper us with lavish things since he cannot afford it but I can still remember how happy I am whenever I woke up and find a box of curly tops chocolates under my pillow or whenever he comes home with a paper bag full of sweet lanzones. There was even one time when he came home with an old fire truck that was about to be thrown by his client but he gladly saved it and brought it home for me. It was a little boy's toy but I was very happy to have it. It's red and it's got a ladder that can be pulled out and extended and I really had a great time playing with it.

May father, despite his very small salary, was able to bring us all to school. He always tells us that we should never give up studying even if we don't have money in our pockets, even if we have old, torn shoes and even if the uniforms we wear are only given by a rich neighbor. He taught us the importance of having an education and striving to be successful.

He never gave up on us... especially me. I have grown to be what I am today because of him. And I know that wherever he is right now, he is happy to see what kind of person I've become.

Tatay, mahal na mahal kita! Happy father's day!

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Dette said...

awww... that was so sweet! :)