Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marikina Valley Christmas Party

I've been a member of Marikina Valley Community website since June of this year. It was there that I met my new friends. The MV group is not just a website, it's where real people, real friends meet. It's a website that binds different kinds of people together.

On December 13, 2008, we held our very first Christmas Party. It was a simple gathering yet a fun-filled one. We shared the food that each of us brought... we had pancit palabok, mussels, puto, cake and ice cream. Some of us even had beer afterwards.

It was a successful party because of everyone who participated and helped out in the preparations. I want to recognize them here, through this post... JC for leading the whole thing and for keeping MV, Ayumie and Maroni for bearing with some of our immature ways and for bringing the palabok and cooking the delicious spicy mussels, Elbert and Jill for coming to the party (i'm really glad you did), Dennis for the ice cream, Jabey for the the venue, photos and the yummy puto, Jard for the funny moments and for the beer and Vinzer and Alex for the roasted chicken. Thanks, guys for your cooperation. Till next year! Cheers to our friendship!

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