Saturday, May 10, 2008

Relationship... on a woman's point of view

Women are a lot different compared to men in handling relationships. Most women tend to be a lot serious when it comes to loving the opposite sex, though there are some who do have the tendency to play around a little.

Some women lose their own personality when they are with the men they love just to make themselves fit or compatible with each other. There is a tendency for women to try hard to be liked by their partner but in a way now showing their own characteristics. They tend to hide what they really are especially during the first few months or years of the relationship.

While there are some who just can't accept how men are. Most women would say men are insensitive, men don't worry about women, men generally don't care about their partners as much as women do. But have we thought of what men thinks about us? Of how overly sensitive women tend to be, of how women worry so much and how we sometimes seem to be holding a leash on their necks.

Think about it, guys... there are so many differences between a man and a woman but there are also a lot of ways to cope with a relationship without having to sacrifice so much as to lose our own self. We just have to learn to be a little open minded, accept the differences and learn to love the man that we have despite of what he is or just get out of the relationship if you think you can't handle it.


maline said...

Compromise, compromise, compromise! :D

Rizza said...

yeah, that's right... a lot of compromises should be made to make a relationship work. but it should come from both ends:)