Monday, May 5, 2008

A Tribute to my Mom

I can still recall when I was a child that whenever I get sick or hurt or whenever I am happy... the first person I call on to was my mom. She was my first teacher, my first friend. She was the one who thought me almost everything when I was still small and don't even know how to tie my shoe laces yet.

As the youngest child in the family, I can feel that I was more often favored by my mom in many ways and I was always under her protection whenever my sisters or other children try to bully me. I never felt afraid whenever she was with me.

I even remember crying everytime she went out on an errand without me in tow. I get really sad and disappointed whenever she leaves me at home. But that was when I was still small. When I grew up and was already in high school, I no longer get excited when my mom asks me come with her. I liked being with my classmates and my other friends and no longer with my mom. I don't know how she felt then but now I'm sure that it saddened her... that I hurt her whenever I decline to go out with her.

As I grow older, my mom and I seldom went out. When I had my job, I neglected my mom. I remember some occasions that I still go out with her but it was not as often as when I was a child.

I have changed but I know for a fact that my mom did not. She was still there whenever I was heart broken, whenever I have problems. We may not be that close anymore because of me but she still takes care of me. She does everything for me, cooks for me, takes care of my clothes and all the other chores at home.

When she got very sick, I know she was really in pain but she won't show it. I often hear her crying at night when she thought we're already asleep but I did not even ask her why.

And now that she's gone... I felt bad. There are a lot of things that I should have done to make her feel better, to make her happy. But it's too late for that now she's in heaven now.

Nanay... i know you're with God now and you're no longer in pain... I just want to say I'm sorry... for everything and I love you so much!

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marikenya said...

nakakamiss talaga ang nanay... they're everything to us. i'm really glad i still have mine with me.:)