Tuesday, July 15, 2008

High "Rice"

From breakfast to dinner most Filipinos never miss having rice on their tables. Even if it causes us to be bigger, still we can’t give up eating rice. I, myself prefer to have rice for breakfast instead of bread so I try to wake up early every morning just to cook for myself so I can avoid having snacks while I’m in the office.

But for the past months the prices of basic commodities, with highlight on rice and petroleum products, have ballooned and became almost unbearable for middle class Filipinos to afford and the government hasn’t done anything about it.

Oh, maybe they did something… yeah I can remember seeing long lines of people on the sidewalk for hours under the heat of the sun waiting to buy 5 kilos of the cheaper rice (NFA rice as they call it) being sold by the government for Php18.00 per kilo. You cannot buy more but there are a lot of talks that they sell it to bigger companies for better profit.

It is so sad to think that while millions of Filipinos work hard to have a decent life and give their families at least three meals a day, there are a lot of politicians out there who spend their money on junkets, luxury cars, dinner meetings in high class restaurants, etc. And the saddest part is… they are spending the tax money that the government has squeezed out of the meager salaries of millions of Filipinos, including mine.

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