Thursday, July 31, 2008

My rainy morning

It's a rainy day and the weather forecaster says that it's going to rain till the weekend. I had difficulty getting up this morning, I was so lazy but I had to force myself to get up since I still have to go to work today.

Since I got up so late, I just heated the water to have a little cup of coffee. I never had the chance to prepare breakfast for myself this morning but I had the chance to watch TV and wait for an announcement that there would be now work today he he. After the hot cup of coffee, I immediately hit the shower. Brrrrrrr the water was so cold! I don't have a heater in my shower since it takes so much electricity to maintain one so I had to bear the coldness of the water that seems to prick my skin.

I hurriedly got dressed after my shower and went out of the house wearing a jacket and taking with me a small umbrella. It was 7:15 AM, I normally go out of the house as early as 6:30 AM. I told myself, I'll be arriving in the office late today.

Before I even reached the gate of the villa where I live in, I already saw a long line of commuters and there was not even a single jeepney. Oh my, I really am going to be late! But it's my fault... I got lazy and got up late ha ha. But maybe my luck hasn't ran out yet... after 5 minutes of waiting, there came a jeepney and then another and another. I luckily got boarded on the 3rd jeep.

I was in such a hurry I even asked the guard before reaching the lobby of my office building if I'm already late and he said, "No, ma'am you're still 3 minutes early". Wow, I said, I made it! I'm not late!


Randall said...

I'm so glad you made it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh - nice!!

Sleeping in, and still arriving early. Best combination ever. :)

Happy Friday!

Rizza said...

Haha.. I was actually surprised that I made it despite being lazy for a while.