Thursday, September 11, 2008

Visiting my doctor... after two years

Since I was a child, I'm never fond of going to a doctor... I can still recall the shots that made me cry when I was small but became bearable when I was a bit older.

Just this morning, me and my good friend went to the doctor, a gynecologist actually, because I wasn't feeling good and I thought it's about time I visit a doctor since it was more than two years since I last visited her. I went there because usually my menstrual cycle was always normal... until now. I was so nervous... but then my doctor just told me "you need to have an ultrasound and then we'll talk afterward". I was really nervous and my knees really wobbled when I went out of the doctor's office. I don't know what to think of, I don't know if I'm sick with something really bad... until now I still don't know. I'll be back to see my doctor later after work and I'll have her interpret the result of my ultrasound. For now, I can do nothing but pray that I'm not sick.


marikenya said...

yeah, it was scary.

pops, everything will be alright. ng-celebrate n nga tayo di ba? :)

Rizza said...

yeah, on most part, I am relieved. i guess I just need a confirmation from the doctor :)

Laane said...

I hope she had good news for you.
I'm sorry you felt so stressed out.

Have a nice weekend.

Lisa said...

I'm nervous too whenever I go to the doctor. I don't know why but it really makes me uneasy going to the clinic or hospital and have a check-up. I pray that everything will be ok for you.

Just trust in the Lord and cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you. Accept Jesus in your life and He will give the peace that surpasses understanding.
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